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Who Is Jamie Deméricas

Astutely, Jamie Deméricas engaged his occupational talents at age 13 by trading stocks ("equities) from his Chicago-suburban home. Developing relationships with adult stock and commodity traders in downtown Chicago, Jamie grew-up fast and started his first small business at age 14. Ambitious to achieve post-baccularette success, Jamie attended university at age 17, but chose to pause his academic studies after completing his sophomore year.

Commencing his professional career at age 19, Jamie Deméricas became a North America, European, and Asian currency trader in the world's capital of derivitives trading- Chicago- and immediately established himself as a productive member in the 6,000 licensed-member community. Trading for the financial behalf of retail and institutional clients gave Jamie exposure to leaders in business, both domestic and abroad. It also taught Mr. Deméricas to conduct business with honour by purging dubious prospects and problematic clientele from his offerings.

Six years after establishing himself and confirming his accumen for international markets, Jamie relocated to the NAFTA (ie. North American Free Trade Agreement) capital- El Paso del Norte. On the advice of a "Top 5" futures & options chief executive officer, Jamie Deméricas returned to his academic studies and earned a BBA degree in Finance. Circa graduation, Jamie Deméricas became of President of Texas Small Business Association™, headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States of America, and expanded the corporation's activities around the world. Obtaining "on the soil" experience in 25 countries across 5 continents and owner of corporations located around the world, including several in Texas, Jamie Deméricas possess a unique insight into business, geopolitics, and cultures that do impact the goings-on in Texas.

Naturally progressing into Texas governmental affairs, Jamie Deméricas became a State of Texas lobbyist introducing the 2.3 million small business community of Texas' with their state's legislators and procurement departments.

Benefit from the knowledge, experience, and access of Jamie Deméricas by scheduling a telephone-based appointment to discuss your company's litigation, legislative, and procurement needs in the state of Texas.


Curriculum Vitae


English. (native-tongue).
Spanish. (university and community educated).
Portuguese. (university and community educated).


BBA, Finance. Univ. of Texas, El Paso, United States.
    (English-based Curriculum).
MBA,Global Management. Univ. Regiomontana, Mexico.
    (Spanish-based Curriculum).


Currency Trader. (1994-1999).
   North American, European, and Asian derivatives trader.
President. (2003-PRESENT).
   Texas Small Business Association™.
Chairman. (2010-PRESENT).
   Texas Certification Directory™.
State of Texas Lobbyist. (2010-PRESENT).
   Texas Legislation & Texas Procurement.
Founder. (2014-PRESENT).
   Association Membership Services Corp.
Founder. (2014-PRESENT).
   Texas SBA Publishing Corp.™

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